ADLINK Technology | Industrial Computing and PXI

ADLINK endeavors to advance the technologies in the fields of test & measurement, applied computing and automation. We hope to provide superior quality and cost effective solution for our partners around the world.

Curtiss Wright – Avionics and Electronics | Flight Test InstrumentationCurtiss Wright Logo

Curtiss-Wright provides one of the most widely-installed Flight Test Instrumentation (FTI) systems in the world with more flight hours than any other. We lower risk by offering proven COTS airborne data acquisition with short delivery times and tightly integrated software. Customers benefit from a solution that saves time during flight test programs. Commissioning and calibration times are reduced using specially designed software tools that simplify flight line inspections, pre-flight checks and system reconfiguration.

FLIR Systems – Research and Science | Advanced Infrared CamerasFLIR Logo

The FLIR Systems Advanced Thermal Solutions Group designs and manufactures thermal imaging systems used to detect and measure minute temperature differences in a wide variety of industrial and commercial settings. Applications include high-end predictive and preventative maintenance, research and development, and manufacturing process control.

Spectrum Instrumentation | High Speed Data Acquistionspec

Spectrum has focused its business on the high-speed A/D, D/A and Digital I/O cards in different platforms like PCI, PCI-X, PCI Express, PXI and CompactPCI. Supporting both our old and new customers we make every product of the M2i and M3i families available in PCI as well as PCI Express. We understand that the important connecting link between the user and the hardware is always the software. That means providing quality operating system drivers and supporting the most popular 3rd party software. Spectrum has drivers for more than 50 different Linux distribution versions and also offers SBench6 – its own powerful and intuitive interactive measurement software.

Teletronics (a Curtiss-Wright Company) | Telemetry & Flight TestTeletronics Logo

Teletronics – a Curtiss-Wright company is the world’s leading total system solution provider for defense and commercial aerospace test applications. TTC provides a wide range of high-performance, reliable, modular, programmable, miniaturized and resilient Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) hardware and software products. Our products are the ideal solution for your instrumentation, telemetry, display and control, communications, recording and network-based data acquisition applications.